Foundation and History:

The Society was founded in 1948 by Late Rev. Maxton D Strong, an internationally renowned Agricultural Engineer and Educationist. Originally started as an Agricultural Engineering center, the Society soon evolved into the care and upbringing of children of all ages. Rev. Strong sought to improve and change not only the quality of life given to the children in his societies care, but also for that of their family and community.

Rev. Strong dedicated his life to the children in his care and was supported not only by the Indian Government in this undertaking but also by dozens of International Companies that sought to encourage his dreams and passions.

The legacy left behind by Rev. Maxton Strong is continued today by his family and loved ones who have “caught a hold of his visions” and now seek to continue the fulfillment of them.


Located just off National Highway 42 (Khatema Rd) the Maxton Strong School is only a short 1km from the center of Banbasa, approximately 11kms from the larger town of Khatema and just over 12kms from Tanakpur.

The School is located on the campus of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission or as it is more commonly known; Strong Farm. This campus was built by Rev. Maxton Strong as an orphanage home for children from destitute families. As a result of being located on the Strong Farm campus the School has large play areas, spacious playgrounds and is a lot safer for the children who attend.


The School is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging atmosphere for the children who study in it. All efforts are made to promote the educational development of our students and to encourage them to grow physically, mentally and morally as we strive to nurture them into becoming more responsible citizens.

Well-equipped classrooms combined with carefully selected staff all add to ensuring that our children receive the highest quality education possible.

The Future:

As with any school that seeks to give its students the best, Maxton Strong School has many dreams and goals of not only expansion but also development of teaching facilities, methods, and equipment. Our belief is: as the world expands, so must we.


We observe Government recognized holidays and any others that the School Management thinks proper to observe.

School closes for Summer Holidays as well as for Winter Holidays. Occasionally parts of these holiday times may be utilized for school run educational camps or tours.

Tuition is available during most holidays as required by individual students and is undertaken by staff.


The Maxton Strong School aims to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to each child so that they will be adequately prepared to cope with their life both during school and, after graduating, in society.

Since its beginning, the Maxton Strong School has striven to create an atmosphere in which all the latent faculties of the child can be developed to make them a complete human being, harmonious and responsible.

The School curriculum grows out of the teachers striving to understand the child, how their capabilities unfold, how their experience of the world and their way of dealing with it changes at each stage of their life.

Registration And Admission Procedure:

Admission is open to all irrespective to class, creed and community.

Minimum age for admission in each class has been specified, details are available in the school office.

A child’s name will not be registered for admission unless the documents listed below are provided:

  • The municipal birth registration certificate.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Transfer Certificate if the child has been attending any other school.

The registration of a child’s name on the waiting list does not carry any guarantee of admission.

The registration fee is neither refunded nor transferable.

For more information or specifics, a Fee Structure list is available from the school office.