From The Principal’s Desk

Dear Staff, Parents, Students & Visitors,

In spite of the global pandemic has been yet another incredible year for Maxton Strong School, Banbasa, and it fills me with immense pride to hear about the progress & performance of the students in the previous academic year. As the Principal of Maxton Strong School, Banbasa, I feel blessed to be associated with this institution and the ideology that was in the minds of its founders.

I would like to congratulate Mr Warwick Shipway, Mr Clifton Shipway and Mr Eugene George who have worked tirelessly to found and develop this institution. I applaud them for the incredible growth it has experienced in just a few years. The school’s achievements from its inception to the fruition we see today have been nothing short of incredible. The school has developed rapidly and it has consistently produced very good academic results in the town within all fields of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Today, as the Principal of Maxton Strong School, it is in every way a dream come true for me.

At this juncture, I can only pray that God continues to shower His great blessings on the school as well as its management and staff. I believe He has great plans for the Maxton Strong School and count myself honored to be a part of them.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude and give my blessings to the staff, students, parents and all those associated with this institution. I pray that God, in his divine mercy, continues to lead and guide this institution for generations to come. It is my prayer that our school may always be the home of truth, wisdom, faith and goodwill towards all, and that it may become a beacon of hope to all who pass through its halls.

God bless you all,