Dear visitor,

For many years Maxton Strong School has come to symbolize and exemplify excellence in education. Today our school offers a truly unique learning environment. Students are surrounded by possibility and opportunity in many diverse areas: academics, sports, culture, international experience and community responsibility.

This environment, coupled with high performance expectations and personalized attention, have led to an unparalleled record of success for our students. We have outstanding staff who have contributed much to the lives of our students over the years. Inspirational teaching and quality learning are cornerstones of our school.

Our students have gone on to contribute to their state and country through their achievements at the highest levels in public life, business and community. Our past students talk to us about their passion for their school and the opportunities it provided.

The school has a strong direction that is underpinned by five core values:

•    To live in obedience to God
•    To act with humility, integrity and fairness
•    To work with creativity and diligence
•    To encourage participation and teamwork
•    To be trustworthy and accountable to one another

Our great strength is the partnerships we forge between students, staff, parents and the wider community. These partnerships enable us to build on the strengths of tradition and performance, and to live out our values and our commitment to the provision of a world class education for every student.

We’re delighted to be able to share our school with you, whether as a visitor, a current attendee, or a future member of our growing family.


Clifton Shipway
Chairman, Maxton Strong School