The curriculum celebrates curiosity and recognizes individual rates and styles of learning. In this way, every effort is made to consider each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs. The school continues a strong focus on developing literacy and math skills, and rich programs with hands-on learning experiences are offered in:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Computers & Technology
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Taekwondo

Technology supports the learning program and our students have access to a large computer lab equipped with the latest software. There are whiteboards in all classrooms and audio-visual equipment available at all teacher’s request.

At the end of each year our school staff and children invite the parents and general public to our Annual Christmas Program. The program is a fantastic spectacle of acting, singing and dancing telling the story of Christmas.  The children (and staff!) work extremely hard each year to ensure that each program differs from year to year. The primary purpose of these programs is to broaden the acting horizon for our budding performers, as well as strengthening relationships between staff and students.