Welcome To Our School Website

Our school is located in Banbasa, Dist. Champawat, Uttarakhand on National Highway 125. Maxton Strong School is an inclusive learning community committed to meeting the educational needs of its large and diverse student population. In everything we do we appreciate and celebrate the rich diversity that makes our community so unique. Through our actions, we demonstrate care, respect and value for all, allowing our students to be nurtured in every respect of their learning.

Our goal is to provide coherent, structured framework for teachers and learners that encourages growth, intellectual rigor and deep understanding.

Our Children

Our school children come from all walks of life; different religions, castes and creeds. From so many backgrounds, Maxton Strong School is a diverse family of students who care for each other and work hard in unity to ensure that no one is left feeling alone. In addition, several student programs run outside of school hours including swimming, Taekwondo,  cricket and other such clubs. For information about these programs please contact the school office.

Our Staff

Our team of highly-dedicated staff works hard to ensure that every child is given the education they deserve. Our teachers interact with their students not only as educators but also as parents, role-models and friends. We pride ourselves on the relationships that are forged between our students and teachers, as well as the bonds of cooperation that are formed between parents and teachers.

Our Reputation

Our school is known to be the best school in Banbasa and this is a reputation we have worked hard to build. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers, curriculum and facility. Come pay a visit to the school and see why we think it is the absolute best!

Future Plans

Our dreams for our school are massive; with the help of design company Engineering Ministries International, we have been able to come up with some sketches of what we hope our future campus will look like and compiled this into what we call our Campus Vision. Work is already underway on Stage 4, the construction of our new kindergarten building!

Our Supporters

We want to say a special thank you to these amazing supporters.

Core Values

  • To live in obedience to God

  • To act with humility, integrity and fairness

  • To work with creativity and diligence

  • To encourage participation and teamwork

  • To be trustworthy and accountable to one another

Contact Us

Reach out, get involved or ask a question. We would love to hear from you!