Named after a wonderful young man whose life was cut short, Samartha Saxena (1993-2014). Sam, is deeply missed but his desire to serve, to give, is alive and well. Thousands of future students in our school will have a stronger education in his name. May we all leave such a powerful legacy, no matter how long we live.

Created in a spirit of love, the Samartha Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Center is one of the best libraries in Uttarakhand. A comfortable, well-lit space, the library is an incredible place for learning through written word with the additional integration of technology for information retrieval. Opened in 2018 the SSMLRC is one of the core pillars that sets our school apart from all others.


There are four major areas within the library: two reading rooms, the main library and a computer lab. In addition to this there are plenty of seating areas, an online research station, magazine and subscription area and an outside reading garden. The reading rooms are divided in accordance with student ages, one for seniors and one for juniors. Each reading room has its own accompanying book shelves. Large windows provide lots of natural light to reduce stress on the eyes of our young readers.


Our library hosts more than 8000 books ranging from picture books to literary greats. Arranged in Junior Fiction, Senior Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, our ever expanding library has a book for every child’s interest. We want to say a huge thank you to a young man named Mathias from Booklinks who at such a young age has helped to stock our shelves with hundreds of new titles. We are also grateful to the Samartha Saxena Foundation for their yearly grant to allow us to purchase new books and keep the library feeling fresh for our children.


While we are constantly working to improve our collection of books with our own funds, donations of books or finances for purchasing books are welcome. Books can be delivered to the school or posted to the following address:

Maxton Strong School Library
Strong Farm
PO Banbasa
Dist. Champawat
Uttarakhand, INDIA 262310


The library staff consists of the Librarian, Computer Teacher, Library Technician and Library Assistants, all of whom work full time.

The library is open each school day from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm. Open throughout the day, except at Recess time, it is used by classes for study and research and for silent reading. As well, students are able to come to the library from their class if they have written permission from their teacher. The library will soon be open after school hours to allow for completion of homework by students. They are able to read, to select their novels or non-fiction books, and to use items from the other collections within the library, as well as to use the computers for their study or homework.

The school has a policy of quiet study and learning in the library and ‘Silence and Study, Research and Reading’ is expected, in order to demonstrate respect for all people in the library.

All the wooden fixtures and fittings in the library were carefully and lovingly created by our staff and former students. It is hoped that they will inspire and help to create a peaceful environment.