Foundation and History

Our founding society, The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, was started in 1948 by Late Rev. Maxton D Strong, an internationally renowned Agricultural Engineer and Educationist. Originally started as an Agricultural Engineering center, the Society soon evolved into the care and upbringing of children of all ages. Rev. Strong sought to improve and change not only the quality of life given to the children in his care, but also for that of their families and community.

Rev. Strong dedicated his life to the children in his care and the legacy left by him is continued today by his family and loved ones who have “caught a hold of his visions” and now seek to continue the fulfillment of them.

Rev. Clifton Shipway


Located just off National Highway 125 (Khatema Rd) the Maxton Strong School is only a short 1km from the center of Banbasa, approximately 11kms from the larger town of Khatema and just over 12kms from Tanakpur. The School is located on the campus of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission or as it is more commonly known; Strong Farm.

Our Facility

Maxton Strong School encourages students from all faith backgrounds to find their God-designed potential for leadership, scholarship and service. In its comfortable 6 acre campus is our Primary, High School and Library blocks. Large, naturally lit, well equipped classrooms provide the best environment for student learning. A large cricket oval, playgrounds, badminton & volleyball courts help to give your child all the room they need to grow. With huge expansion plans in the future, our school campus is constantly developing, setting the standards for educational practice in the Banbasa community.

Science Labs

Our fully equipped science and math labs are backed up by experienced and qualified teachers. We believe that Science class should be where children get to explore the laws, principal and elements of nature around us: and not just through text-books! Practical, hands-on experiments are the best way to get children thinking about science.

Computer Labs

We live in the Age of Technology and children who do not learn about computers on computers can get left behind. Our computer labs are equipped with one computer per child, the latest software, professional support and digital projectors to facilitate learning. With a high speed fiber-optic internet connection our students are able to extend their education way beyond the limits of a classroom.

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that when our students undergo new experiences they are never the same. Swimming classes, art & craft, camping, white water rafting, music lessons or taekwondo… it is all experience and every time a child in our school does something new they are encouraged to dream a little bigger. International visitors are regular to the school, they bring with them an array of new ideas, programs and activities for our children to enjoy. In the past we have had Emmy Award winning TV producers, Harvard University professors, National Geographic photographers, builders, doctors, artists and musicians come and share their experience with our kids.